About AIM IT

Glenn Kimber

My name is Glenn Kimber, director of Aim-It, based in Berkshire. I have been delivering fire safety training, to industrial and non-industrial personnel, for 22 years. I have completed 28 years in an establishment based Fire Service, 7 years of which were as a fire behaviour training instructor. This role gave me an excellent insight into fire gases, especially carbon monoxide. I am passionate about fire safety and believe that knowledge is not power, it is here to be shared. The more people know, the more they understand and in turn, the safer they become at work and in their homes.

My Technician is Kevin Jury, who has just completed 37 years of front line operational duties, in the same Fire Service. It is Kevin’s role to oversee the safety of the training area and assist in delivery of practical fire training.

I created Aim-It to give fire safety training with minimal disruption to companies, that is both flexible and affordable. Flexible to deliver out of hours for business with public access, such as shop, restaurant, surgery, cinema/theatre and library environments. Affordable to deliver a low risk, contaminant free type of extinguisher training, which meets fire safety requirements in the commercial market, without the overhead costs of maintaining “live fire” equipment. (Example: 1 x sim fire extinguisher = 200 standard extinguishers)

Aim-It has a range of affiliated members to cover all requirements, each qualified in their field of profession. All trainers hold the PTTLLS plus either fire safety/first aid instructor’s qualifications and fire risk assessors are fire safety level 2 minimum.

Our policy is to deliver fire training in a customer’s environment, to keep personnel comfortable in their natural surroundings and for management to assess the training given.

The benefit of using simulated fire training equipment in the indoor environment, there is no interruption from weather conditions. The low risk advantage prevents harm from heat and smoke, yet still promote confidence in the use of extinguishers.

At Aim-It we like to keep customers fully up to date with fire safety requirements and ensure customers are fully safe in their workplace environments.

We can offer basic life support and carbon monoxide awareness sessions, as both are deeply connected with fire. How to recognise signs through interactive role play and how to deal with these situations quickly. We use an ‘Opti-myst’ heatless firebox for realistic assessments.

The ‘Bullseye’ fire equipment gives the opportunity to practise fire extinguishing repeatedly without harmful contaminants. The screen gives out the sounds of fire, matching the class selected. The extinguishers look, feel and sound real but emit a laser onto the screen. Both operate in unison, if an incorrect procedure is used, the screen fire will not go out.

All our training complies with the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 and the British Standard 9999:2008